Top 10 Best Workouts to Burn Belly Fat Without Running or Jogging

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There are many ways to burn belly fat, some more intense and demanding than others. Nonetheless, you still will be able to achieve your intended results. That means you can as well embrace some of the best workouts to burn belly fat without having to run or even jog.

The workouts consist of exercises that work out every muscle in your body hence boosting metabolism. Doing the exercises for a period of 3 months will yield amazing results, including losing belly fat. Below are some of the best workouts to burn belly fats.

Best Workouts to Burn Belly Fat

1. The Pull Up

This exercise is powerful and will help tone your back pretty well. You might find it difficult at the beginning, but with time and consistent practice you will adapt and before you know it you’ll be enjoying its results.

2. The Burpee

The Burpee is another of the best workouts to burn belly fat, and works out all the major muscles in your body as well as making your heart pump faster. The burpee is known to produce even better results than hours of cardio.

3. The Squat

Known by many as a basic workout, and often ignored by those who wish to burn belly fat, the squat will help you reshape your belly, butt and legs. Bodyweight squats can be quite challenging, and to make things more interesting and intense you can try dumb bells or a barbell.

4. The Lunge

Lunges are primarily designed to tighten your butt and tone your hamstrings. Include them in your daily workout as you aim to lose the unwanted belly fat. In the event that you feel pain in your knees, you can replace them with the glute bridge.

5. The Push Up

This exercise will help you tone the upper chest, get sculpted shoulders and strengthen your triceps. The exercise can be done anywhere, and can as well be modified depending on one’s fitness levels.

6. The Skater

To develop knee and ankle stability it’s essential to move in a lateral plane. The exercise also helps burn belly fat, while including light jumps and jolts will increase the amount of calories burnt.

7. The Plank

This exercise engages the entire core, including the transverse abdominous, which help prevent and relieve back pain. While doing the planks, try holding the plank position for a minute.

8. Jumping Rope

If you can’t run then I suppose skipping would be the best alternative to you in your quest to burn belly fat, and tone your arms and legs. The jumps work out abdominal muscles and help burn belly fat.

9. The Get Up

Doing get ups will keep the core muscles engaged, with the end results being a flatter, toned and fat-free belly.

10. The Spider Crawl

Doing spider crawl exercises will tone your core muscles while at the same time improving the mobility of your hips.

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These top 10 best workouts to burn belly fat without the need to run can be the perfect alternatives for those people who opt against running or jogging. Spend at least 20 minutes doing these exercises to achieve the best results.

Updated: July 7, 2019 — 11:25 am

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