This is What Red Bull Does to Your Body After Just 24 Hours

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Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks consumed my millions all over the world. Drinking it the way it is, or mixing with alcohol, has been documented to have some serious side effects. Most people who consumer Red Bull everyday often do so in the morning after waking up or during the afternoon slump or when they feel the need to energize your body while on a long drive.

But have you ever asked yourself what happens when you drink Red Bull or any other similar energy drink? A while ago a 50-year-old builder got admitted to hospital with acute hepatitis after excessive consumption of energy drinks – he could drink up to 5 energy drinks a day.

The excessive consumption of the drinks led to him developing malaise, anorexia and abdominal pains. The conditions later progressed to nausea and vomiting. At first he thought they were the common symptoms of flu-like syndrome. However, he had to visit a doctor after developing dark urine and jaundice.

According to the doctors, who were working on a similar case in the journal BMJ Case Reports, the 50-year-old patient was the second one to suffer from similar condition as a result of too much energy drinks. According to the doctors, the man might have overdosed on niacin (B3), which can cause liver damage when taken in large amounts.

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This prompted UK’s online gift website Personalise to compile data showing the effects energy drinks have on our bodies right from the moment you drink it up to 12 days. Check out the photo below;

Step-by-Step Effect of Red Bull Consumption

10 Minutes: During the first 10 minutes the caffeine gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Your body responds by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure.

15-45 Minutes: During this period, depending on how much or fast you drink it, caffeine levels will rise rapidly. You’ll feel alert and your concentration increased because caffeine is a stimulant.

30-50 Minutes: After your body has absorbed all the caffeine, your liver will react by absorbing more sugar. This is the time your body absorbs sugar that was in the energy drink.

After 1 Hour: One hour after drinking the energy drink, you’ll experience a “sugar crash”. This is often a result of sugar levels in your bloodstream dropping as effects of caffeine die down.

5-6 Hours: Half-life of caffeine is between 5-6 hours. This means it will take your body the same number of hours to reduce caffeine content in your bloodstream by 50%. However, women on oral contraceptives will have the time doubled.

After 12 Hours: Caffeine will have been removed from your bloodstream, although the exact speed of caffeine removal varies from person-to-person.

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12 – 24 Hours: If you’re a regular energy drinks consumer, this is the time you’ll start feeling withdrawal symptoms. These include urge for more caffeine, headaches, irritability and constipation.

7 – 12 Days: It takes your body an average of 12 days to become tolerant to your daily caffeine dosage. This means after 12 days you’ll get used to it and won’t feel much of the effects. However, it will be hard for you to stop the consumption once your body gets “addicted”.

Updated: July 7, 2019 — 11:48 am

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